Every society has different conflicts, both in commerce and business, between neighbors, and in the relations between employer and employee, tenant and landlord.

Ariel’s Rabbinical Court for Monetary Issues is under the auspices of Rabbi Zalman Nehemiah Goldberg, head of the Ariel Rabbinical Judge training program and a former member of the Supreme Rabbinical Court of Appeals. We conduct deliberations in all the above issues and enable, within the framework of the law, reaching a true Torah resolution of disputes.

The system includes a few ensembles based on leading Ariel graduates, including the Av Beit Din Rabbi Eliyahu Shlesinger, Rabbi Yisrael Shachor, Rabbi Benayah Mahpoud, Rabbi Moshe Finder and others. The Court is open to all sectors of the public, religious and secular alike, and works seamlessly, efficiently and with perfect order. The Rabbinical Court for Arbitration and Monetary Issues is open for hearings.

To make an appointment, open a file, and for details:

Telephone:  02-6416166

Fax:  02-6432955

Email:  [email protected]

Mail: Ariel – United Israel Institutes
Hapisga Street 5 , PO Box 16002, Jerusalem 91160

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