Ariel – United Israel Institutes, founded by the Harry Fischel Institute, is a Torah complex that encompasses a host of Torah, research and training institutions, and provides a place for the best yeshiva students from Israel and abroad to be trained as rabbinical judges and spiritual leaders.

“Ariel” grew from the Harry Fischel Institute for Talmudic and Torah Law, established at the end of 1932 by the famous philanthropist Rabbi Israel Aharon Fischel z”l of New York, at the initiative of Rabbi Kook zt”l. The goal was to create a higher Torah institution in which the graduates of higher yeshivas from all sectors and communities would continue their studies, and in addition, a Torah Research Institute. Throughout the years, the Institute has proven to be a unique institution unlike any other Israeli institute. Over the years, it has trained generations of rabbinic judges, rabbis, and Torah teachers who are appointed members of Rabbinical Courts in all Jewish communities.

Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen zt”l
Founder of Ariel Institutions


Served as Chief Rabbi and Av Beit Din of Haifa and a member of Council of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, One of the most prominent personalities in the Torah world and the Israeli and world Rabbinate. Acted as the head of leading Torah institutions, authored and edited many books and articles, fought in the War of Independence and was captured by the Jordanians. He won the Jerusalem Prize for Tolerance and Spiritual Leadership.

Sunday 20th Tammuz 5739 (July 15th 1979)
Changing times have led to the need to establish the Ariel United Israel Institutes, that include a range of institutions for Torah study and Torah research projects, which were inspired by the Harry Fischel Institute for Talmudic and Torah Law.

The goal of Ariel is to build a bridge between the world of Torah and contemporary Israeli society, to strengthen roots, to train spiritual leaders, to initiate and publish research papers, to train rabbis and rabbinical judges, to promote charity institutions, and to spread Torah among the nation, in Israel and in the Diaspora.

It is no coincidence that Ariel graduates play key roles in the nation’s spiritual leadership in Israel and the Diaspora.

Many notable Israeli rabbinical judges are our alumni, and many of the rabbis of cities and neighborhoods are graduates of Ariel. The stamp of our alumni is felt throughout the Diaspora.

The Faculty

Rabbi Yigal Zefira
Teaches in Kollel for Rabbinical Judges
HaRav Zalman Nehemia Goldberg
Head of Yeshiva and Kollel for Rabbinical Judges
Rabbi Jonathan Kraus
Chairman of Ariel
הרב טבצ'ניק שליט'א
Rabbi David Tabachnik
CEO of Ariel Institutions

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